GRAND SPONSOR ARIS BC: Its history, guide for the future!

GRAND SPONSOR ARIS BC: Its history, guide for the future!

At betshop.gr we believe that historical moments and great successes are not trapped in the past, but are the basis for an equally brilliant future. Aris BC is one of the teams that adopts our point of view and strives – as we do- to provide the fans with the true enjoyment of sports! Our journey is the same, we are the Great Sponsor of the «Emperor» for the season 2019-20!

Among the characteristics that make the team so special is its will to work hard and present a more competitive attitude this season. Instead of resting on its previous successes, the team’s leaders and the whole squad step firmly on their feet and, through their brilliant history, they go further!

There is no need for special analysis of Aris BC’s successes. It’s a team that has tasted tremendous success and made all Greek fans proud! Its empire was built in the 1980s, when Gales, Ioannides and Giannakis introduced the whole country into their basketball secrets and became the role model for subsequent generations. Aris BC’s trophy cabinet has a lot of trophies, specifically: 10 Greek Championships, 8 Cups, 1 Saporta Cup, 1 Eurocup and 1 Korac Cup.

But what makes Thessaloniki’s team stand out is their home. The atmosphere at the Nick Galis Hall is breathtaking and, of course, this is due to the thousands of fans who support their loving team every week!

This year Betshop.gr will also be there, ready for an exciting season and determined to carry out our mission. Support Greek basketball and enjoy the joy of playing sports.