A season full of passion, intensity and much...basketball!

A season full of passion, intensity and much...basketball!

This season had it all!"strong" emotions, passion,intensity,spectacle but mainly... a lot of basketball!We did enjoy it to the fullest but most importantly? Enjoyed it along with the tremendous support to your favorite teams!


As easy it is to remember the first day that betshop.gr entered in the Basket League events as Grand Sponsor of Basket League for 2018-19, so much difficult it is to record ALL the unique moments we have lived!We celebrated together, we brought more people to the platforms, we held events and competitions for all teams, we all as "one"!



We have shared the joy of playing in the All Star Game, which-in addition to unforgettable moments offered us! Exquisite phases, unique slam dunks, healthly competition and, of course, a festive atmosphere throughout!



Along with the effort to improve the Greek championship and our support for ESAKE, our sponsorship for AEK BC has come. Where to start...From the "hot" European nights?The huge distinction with the conquest of the Intercontinental Cup or the competitions that, apart from tickets, gave collectible gifts to all of you? and bacause we are talking about the "Queen", we should make a special mention to Blindfold. Not just because it was our own energy, but mainly bacause you embraced it-in every matchday even more! The winners of the home games of AEK BC stepped on the parquet and claimed tickets, the collectible jersey of the team from the Intercontinental Cup and betshop gifts!



Similarly, the energy of betshop.gr, the well-known Mirror Booth, which was found on various national stadiums, allowed visitors to take pictures of our original mirror and share their love for basketball!



Everything was great and as betshop.gr greatly honoured!



Betshop.gr/ Grand Sponsor Basket League 2018-19



Betshop.gr/ AEK BC 2018-19



Betshop.gr/ Official Sponsor of slam dunks and three pointers outs All Star Game contest