Betshop.gr supports basketball!

Betshop.gr supports basketball!

Betshop.gr has already expressed its full support for basketball as a Grand Sponsor of both Basket League and Cup Winner Europe team, AEK BC during the 2018-2019 season.

Betshop also supports the team formed by FAIRPLAY GROUP, which has taken part in the amateur commercial League Championship.

The roster of players are proudly wearing the brand name of betshop.gr and they are enthusiastically representing Fairplay, promising great sporting moments and thrills this season. Like at 06/03 when they prevailed over Olympic Brewery with a score of 60-54!

Just because we love sports, teamwork, effort, noble competition, we like to have fun and share every minute! Come with us! Free entry for everyone.

All team matches will be announced weekly on the betshop.gr official page on Facebook.

*Αρμόδιος ρυθμιστής ΜGA. Η συχνή συμμετοχή σε παίγνια εκθέτει τους συμμετέχοντες στον κίνδυνο του εθισμού και στην απώλεια περιουσίας. Γραμμή επικοινωνίας ΚΕΘΕΑ-ΑΛΦΑ: 2109237777. Η συμμετοχή επιτρέπεται σε άτομα άνω των 21 ετών. Παίξε υπεύθυνα

*Competent MGA controller. Frequent participation in games exposes participantss to the risk of assiction and loss of property. KETHEA-ALFA communication line:2109237777. Participation is allowed for persons over the age of 21. Play responsibly.