Betshop: Sponsor of Giannis Fejzullai "Brutal"

Betshop: Sponsor of Giannis Fejzullai "Brutal"

At betshop.gr we strongly believe in the power of man, passion for improvement and that is what we want to forego! We greatly appreciate values and ideas. We show our daily effort and perseverance to achieve the goals, and we feel it is our duty to support the will power and determination of the people living among us.

Giannis Fejzullai "Brutal" is one of such athlete! Aside from a kickboxing champion, he is an athlete with ethos who puts his honor and values above all!He does not rest on success, but he considers his obligation to push himself further to become even better. That is why we support him!

Giannis, during his presence in the ring has won 3 national championships, 1 european championship, 10 titles in top events and has been warded 2nd in the World Championship in 2013, recently won a great victory in Komodo, Greece VS Turkey! 

Everything started with Giannis Fejzullai "Brutal", but our support does not stop here