GRAND SPONSOR IFAISTOS LIMNOU BC: On solid ground, we move forward!

GRAND SPONSOR IFAISTOS LIMNOU BC: On solid ground, we move forward!

Betshop.gr’s presence at basketball courts is getting even stronger and is ready to spread the joy of sports all over Greece! We welcome in betshop.gr the new team “ Ifaistos Limnou BC” which a the combination of determination and thirst for big victories We are the grand Sponsor of Ifaistos Limnou for the season 2019-20!

At betshop.gr we were delighted to discover that despite their recent presence in A1 basketball courts, the people of Ifaistos are eager to face new challenges. Despite the fact that the team is new and introduced itself to the basketball fans last year, betshop.gr noted some of Ifaistos big highlights to the Greek courts in a short period of time. It’s performance immediately stood out!

The team played great basketball, celebrated big victories and made the Greek fans believe that Ifaistos will bring success moments in the near future. In its maiden presence in the championship, Limnos team managed to get into the playoffs and eventually won the honorable 6th place!

According to the club's executives comments, the goal for the new season is to present a more competitive team that will attract more people to the stadium and give to the “island” a basketball identity! This year betshop.gr will be present at "Nikos Samaras" in order to support and enhance the efforts of Ifaistos Limnos!

For the season 2019-2020 the official jerseys and kits of Ifaistos Limnou will have the logo of betshop.gr on them! On solid ground, we move forward!

Read the official announcement of Ifaistos Limnou BC here