GRAND SPONSOR OF PROMITHEAS PATRAS: We embrace teams with great vision!

GRAND SPONSOR OF PROMITHEAS PATRAS: We embrace teams with great vision!

With our continuous support of Greek sports, we aim to prove that team spirit, common goals, and passion for hard work are the ingredients of sports’ enjoyment. As Promitheas Patras is a team with great vision and great ambitions, we are confident that our efforts to strengthen Greek basketball, will certainly have the expected results. Betshop.gr is the Great Sponsor of KAE Promitheas Patras for the 2019-20 season!

Betshop.gr embraces teams that do not rest on their past successes and strive to go above and beyond in every opportunity to spread the value of teamwork and fair play.

Promitheas Patras belongs to this category of teams. The team has proved that its recent rise to the top of Greek basketball was not just a ... firework. The team had a plan, a good spirit and succeed to be included in the top tier teams of the Greek Championship, in just three years. Last year Promitheas placed 2nd in the playoffs and became the first team to break the domination of Athens and Thessaloniki’s teams, also reaching the top 16 teams of Champions League. This year Promitheas will make a difference in yet another European event, the Eurocup, hoping to participate in the Euroleague in the future.

Promitheas’ staff declare that the team’s steady upward course is something that they will strive hard to retain. We, from our part, are here to passionately reinforce their efforts to lay the foundations for a greater, even more glorious future. We admire teams who believe that sky is the limit and welcome to our team another club-model of Greek sports!

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