Betshop.gr "Silver Sponsor" of honored Legends 2004!

Betshop.gr "Silver Sponsor" of honored Legends 2004!

It is a great pleasure and honor for us, to announce the launch of our sponsorship with the glorious Legends 2004! Betshop.gr supports as "Silver Sponsor" the team of the legends of Greek football, which proved in Euro 2004 that systematic work, commitment to the target and the risks against the top teams are elements that make the difference and bring unprecedented successes!

Promoting "i under we", the football idols of the Greeks are working through Legends 2004 and the "Non-Profit Society" Champions For Life to bring back to our memory the glorious days of the european Championship, showing-through their actions-the values of sport, the noble competition and the joy of participation.

The goal of Zagorakis, Karagounis, Della, Nikopolidis, Katsouranis and other football players of the 2004 National Team is to contribute to the development of Greek sports, education and health, laying the foundations for a better society for children and young people in need.

Betshop.gr, as a Silver Sponsor, supports the vision and philosophy of the legends that 15 years ago glorified Greek sports, with their determination, hard work and perseverance!

The beginning of our joint venture took place on 04/07/2019 for the revival of the game against Portugal Legends with a 2-1 score! 

Betshop.gr also gave the chance to its lucky members to meet with representatives of the Greek team, just before the start of the match and to be photographed with their football idols, there was a surprise for all of them... A signed jersey of Legends 2004!

And not only that! At the end of the game, betshop.gr also awarded Kostas Katsouranis as an "MVP by betshop" for his excellent appearance and the goal scored against Portugal Legends!

All these and we are still at the baginning! Betshop.gr will continue to be on the side of Legends and support their efforts and vision. We will come back soon...

*Competent MGA controller. frequent participation in games exposes participants to the risk of addiction and loss of property. KETHEA-ALLFA communication line:2109237777.  Participation is allowed for persons over the age of  21. Play responsibly.