GRAND SPONSOR OF PAE ARIS: In the Super League stadiums with Aris FC

GRAND SPONSOR OF PAE ARIS: In the Super League stadiums with Aris FC

At betshop.gr we have proven that we stand by the teams with grit, aim higher every season and dare to achieve their goals. Our philosophy fits theirs. PAE Aris is one of the most representative examples of clubs that overcomes the difficulties, stood up and made a tremendous effort to get back to where it belongs! Together, then, we will embark on this new journey that begins in the Super League and the Europa League.

Aris FC made history by winning the first Pan-Hellenic football championship in 1928, and to date it has three wins in total (along with 1932 and 1946). The club won a Cup trophy in 1970, as well as various other collective honours.

In European matches, PAE Aris has achieved one of the most important successes of Greek football at international level. More recently, in 2010, it displayed tremendous passion and determination and against the big names of his rivals in the Europa League clubs managed - with two epic victories over the much-publicized Atletico Madrid, to qualify from the group, behind only Leverkusen! The next phase was followed by another great success, after looking at Manchester City and drawing a tie (0-0) at home!

Since then the club has gone through many difficulties, but as a true fighter who has learned to take risks and dare against negative circumstances, it has come back stronger than ever!

It is a great honour for Betshop.gr to join Aris Fc as grand sponsor this season. We support its vision for further improvements and we are glad that our Greek football debut will take place along one of his most historic teams!

The new jerseys of the club, as well as the athletic training clothes will carry the betshop.gr logo for the 2019-20 season. In addition to the sponsorship agreement, Betshop.gr has been committed to the Aris Fc, to jointly implement an integrated Social Responsibility Program and actions which aim to support Fair Play and the love for the sport.