Grand Sponsor Rethymno BC 2019-2020: We support the best of Crete!

Grand Sponsor Rethymno BC 2019-2020: We support the best of Crete!

We continue our basketball journey with the passion, determination and above all, with the same goal: To spread the joy of the game in order to enhance the greek sports. Our next destination is the magnificent island of Crete, which supports their local teams, to help them achieve the best results on their league. It is a pleasure to announce that we are the Grand Sponsor of Rethymno Creatan Kings BC for the season 2019-20!

We welcome another strong club, the team that has embraced all of Crete and represents the passion for Greek basketball. With its hard work, perseverance for continuous improvement and setting people as top priority, it often attempts through various actions to support its fans, giving them the chance to experience the true enjoyment of sports.

These are some of the common characteristics that we found in the remarkable team of Rethymno Creatan Kings BC, which greatly contributed to charting a common course in the Greek league for this season!

Someone can tell that the team works really hard by their results in the Greek basket league. Rethymno Cretan Kings BC was promoted to A1 men’s championship eight years ago and has been a constant presence ever since, having managed to play in the playoffs for five seasons! The most remarkable moments of its history was the 4th place in 2012/13 season and the participation to the final of the Greek Cup in the 2005-06 season against Panathinaikos.

Their greatest strength are the fans, who constantly support them flooding the stands of "Melinas Merkouri" court. The spirit is festive and gives the necessary push to the team! So it's our turn to take a seat on the stands and cheer for Crete's top basketball team, shouting "Go for it"! Let’s go Rethymno!

Read the official announcement of Rethymno BC here